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Will County Divorce Order Modification Attorney

Will County child custody and child support modification lawyer

Lawyer for Modification of Child Custody, Child Support, and Spousal Support in Joliet, Illinois

After a divorce has been finalized and a marriage has been dissolved, people will naturally continue to live their lives. Over time, though, major life changes and other events can cause the need for legal adjustments to the original divorce decree. When the terms of a divorce decree or child custody order no longer fit a family's circumstances, the parties may need to return to court to ask for a post-divorce modification. In these situations, a skilled family law attorney can ensure that the proper procedures are followed while advocating for the appropriate changes that will protect the rights of all parties involved.

Erin Webster O'Brien, P.C. has represented countless clients in matters related to post-decree divorce modifications. Ms. O'Brien knows that your life is in a constant state of motion, and she is skilled at finding effective solutions to all types of traditional and non-traditional family law matters. She will advise you on your rights and the options available to you, and she will advocate on your behalf to help you put modifications in place that will address the changes you have experienced in your life.

Issues That May Require Post-Divorce Modifications

Typically, requests to modify a divorce decree will be based on changes that the parties have experienced that have affected child custody or financial support. Either parent may wish to make changes to how they share custody of their children. A parent may request that parenting time be modified to provide them with more time with their children, or they may ask for changes to the allocation of parental responsibilities to ensure that they will be able to make decisions for their children more effectively. However, when requesting these types of changes, a person will typically need to demonstrate that there has been a significant change in circumstances that has affected one or both parents or the children. These changes may include health conditions that require parents to provide additional care for children or a new job that requires an adjustment to parenting time schedules. When determining whether to grant these requests, a family court judge will consider what would be in the children's best interests.

Modifications to child custody may also be requested in situations involving parental relocation. If a parent plans to move with their children a certain distance away from their current home, they must notify both the other parent and the court. If the relocation would require a modification to child custody or parenting time, the court will look at a number of factors to determine whether this modification would be in the children's best interests, including the reasons for the move, any reasons the other parent may be objecting to the move, whether children will be close to extended family members at each location, and whether children will be able to pursue educational opportunities either at their current home or the proposed new home.

A person may also request modifications to child support or spousal support based on changes in their financial circumstances. If the person who pays support has lost their job, experienced a reduction in income, or encountered health issues that affect their ability to work, they may ask that the support they pay be reduced or terminated. A parent who receives child support may request that support be increased based on changes in children's needs, such as health conditions that require significant medical care. In these cases, the court will usually look at both parties' financial circumstances to determine an appropriate amount of support that should be paid.

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Attorney Erin O'Brien can help you determine the best ways to address changes in your life that have affected your divorce or child custody order. She will work with you to request any necessary modifications, and she will advocate on your behalf to ensure that your rights and interests will be protected. Contact us today by calling 815-727-2100.

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