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Will County Child Support Lawyer

Will County family law attorney for child support

Attorney for Child Support in Divorce and Family Law Cases in Joliet, IL

After a legal separation or divorce, child support is designed to cover the costs of raising a child (or children) until the age of 18. Typically, the parent with fewer parental responsibilities and less parenting time has to pay child support to the parent with primary residential responsibilities, because the full-time parent bears the majority of the financial burden for food, shelter, schooling, clothing, and other expenses related to child-rearing.

2017 Changes to the Illinois Child Support Laws

In July 2017, a new child support law went into effect in Illinois. Prior to this change, child support payments were calculated based solely on the supporting parent's income and the number of children. Under the new law, child support is calculated based on both parents' net incomes, as well as their respective amount of parenting time and responsibility.

Protecting Your Family

The courts will follow predefined calculations to determine child support, but a mutual agreement can be made between the parties to set child support at a variant amount that is more or less than the state's mandate. The court can also deviate from state guidelines for child support if a judge deems such action necessary. This decision is usually based on a variety of factors, including the children's lifestyle prior to the divorce, the needs of the children, costs for private schooling, transportation costs (if the parents do not live in the same area), and the resources and outside financial responsibilities of the supporting parent. A windfall to the receiving parent or a loss of employment by the supporting parent can also dramatically change a child support arrangement.

Sadly, some people will try to forge W-2 forms or misrepresent their income from self-employment, commissions, or bonuses in order to get out of paying child support. Erin Webster O'Brien, P.C. is proficient at uncovering fraud and investigating income reports, bank statements, and tax forms to discover discrepancies. She will analyze every factor of your case to ensure that you're being treated fairly and that your children are getting all that they deserve.

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