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Will County divorce attorney for child custody and spousal support

Attorney for Child Custody, Child Support, Mediation, and Collaborative Divorce in Will County

Erin Webster O'Brien, P.C. makes clients the priority in every type of family law case in Will County. Ms. O'Brien is experienced in several areas of domestic matters, and has successfully represented clients in:

  • Divorce - A variety of circumstances can make the dissolution of a marriage a complicated and stressful process. Ms. O'Brien is skilled in providing sound legal advice and in aggressively defending the rights of her clients, from mediation to litigation.
  • Post-Decree Matters - Major life changes, such as job loss, substance abuse, illness, births, and deaths, can dramatically affect your original divorce decree. In times like these, it may be necessary to modify your initial decree to fit your life as it is now. You may also need to take legal action to enforce the court's orders and ensure that the other party is meeting their obligations.
  • Child Custody - Custody matters, now known as the allocation of parental responsibilities in Illinois, are never easy, and lawyer Erin O'Brien understands that the children's best interests are always most important. She will work diligently to protect your family at all costs, including helping you create a parenting time schedule that will meet your needs.
  • Child Support - In the state of Illinois, child support is typically available until the age of 18, with some exceptions. Support is determined by the state and is calculated using a percentage of the parties' income, parenting time, and number of children.
  • Asset Division - Divorcing spouses will need to determine how to divide all of the property they own together, as well as their joint debts. Ms. O'Brien can help negotiate a divorce settlement that will protect your financial interests, including in complex and high asset divorce cases.
  • Spousal Support - In some divorce cases, spousal maintenance may be awarded to ensure that both spouses can maintain their standard of living. Erin O'Brien can help determine whether spousal support will be appropriate while also ensuring that the amount of support payments is calculated correctly.

Other Practice Areas

In addition to divorce and custodial issues, Erin Webster O'Brien, P.C. also represents clients in other legal matters related to the family, including:

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No matter what issues your family is dealing with, attorney Erin O'Brien is here to help. She understands how difficult it can be to struggle with decisions about sensitive matters in your personal life, and she will help you find answers to even the most complicated problems. Call 815-727-2100 or contact us online to set up a consultation today.

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